Update #67 Asking Hard Questions


Hi Friends,

I am writing about dad after a long break, well a long break from writing, not a long break from life. Dad continues to be stable, however his medical care does not. If things proceed as the insurance company would like them to, this week will be his last week of any home medical care. This means that mom and I will have to care for him 24/7 or hire someone out of pocket to care for him. We are fighting this tooth and nail, but insurance companies do not give up. Please pray, for our sanity and endurance. And if you know a lawyer who can take on dad’s insurance company, please send him our way :) It may come to that very soon.

In the meantime, we are almost in Advent and Christmas is coming soon.¬†Caring for dad’s needs is not cheap and we are stuck in a difficult spot with medical bills. We are too rich and too poor at the same time. We do not qualify for government help, including Social Security Disability. I am so not the sort of person to ask for help, but this is for my dad. And he needs all the help we can afford to give him right now.

So for Christmas, I am trying to raise money for a surprise for dad. I want to get him two things, a wheelchair accessible vehicle and a standing frame. The wheelchair accessible vehicle will help him be a lot more mobile and the standing frame is something like this www.easystand.com/product/products-2/evolv

I have started a fundraiser for these two things on this site: www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/txn6/paul-ripp-s-rehab-fund

If you can afford to give, please do. If not, that’s okay, you can send us a hug on there :P

Most importantly with things like this is to SHARE it! Please share it via email and whatever social networks you use, on Facebook, on Twitter, on MySpace, whatever! The more people see it, the better chance we have of reaching our goal.

For dad.


Art Opens the Hard Part of the Soul


SONGS LIKE THIS SUNG LIKE THIS are worthy of the GOD who SAVED US and saves us AGAIN and AGAIN every day!!! NOTHING can convey our SUFFERING, our SADNESS, and our JOY in this life or our ANTICIPATION of the next like GREAT ART!

AAARGH! Great art and innovative art that was religious is one of the reasons why I wish I lived a few hundred years ago. One reason why I am glad I don’t? They didn’t have toilet paper next to the toilet. They had a trough with a sponge in it.

I am the Elephant in the Room

10398561_535316030433_8199113_n copy

You don’t know me.
You REALLY don’t know me.
Yes, you know my name,
and my job title,
and my favorite color.
But those things are as
much of who ME is
as an eyelash is the whole Elephant.

There is an Elephant that is ME.
And you have picked up her eyelash, examined it, and exclaimed,
“Oh look, an elephant!”
“Now I know what an elephant is!”
You DON’T know me
And yes, I could tell you all about me
about the wrinkles along the Elephant’s swayback
and about last year when her
herd was attacked by poachers,

but I don’t want to

do I have to

If I don’t want to let you in,
I simply won’t.
I have that prerogative.

Just because you know
my favorite color,
my job title,
and my name
doesn’t mean you know ME.

Don’t make that presumption.

What you know about me
is one sentence of one chapter on one page
of ME.

You don’t know me.