I haven’t written on here in some time and I am not 100% sure why I am writing on here now, but here it goes…

It has been a year, well I guess every year is…a year. There aren’t many other options. I have a lot to say, but rarely do I have something to say and the time or initiative to put it on here.

Today I have some of each, but not enough of both to write much. I did find this poem, though. I wrote it back in October and it applies quite well to my life right now. So here it is:


I will take each day
one page at a time
one line at a time
one word at a time

I will not let the next line
of dialogue
usurp this line of dialogue

What is to come
will come
what is now is what I
will know


and that is all
for now
One line at a time.


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