Holy Land: and so it begins

10:40 am – East Coast Time – March 21, 2015

I left home at 2:40 this morning and drove to Greensboro to catch the train.

It’s day zero of my pilgrimage to the Holy Land and I am so full of emotions! The main one is nervous excitement laced with a dash of adventure. I am traveling alone on this trip, but also not alone. I will be going on this trip with a group of listeners to the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM, but I haven’t met them yet. I am alone but not alone. That seems to be a common modern state for us humans, huh?

Right now I am on a train somewhere between Washington DC and Baltimore. The train sways like a creaky tin can hammock as we glide through a tunnel. In a few more hours, I will be in New York City. And I will have all afternoon to roam before I need to make it to JFK airport for a red eye flight to Tel Aviv. 

When I get to the gate at the airport, I will finally meet the other 39 people who will pilgrimage with me to see what Jesus saw and walk where Jesus a walked. I have never met any of these other people, but I have high hopes that I have future friends among them. We have many things in common and a common experience like this trip will also bond us together. 

Thoughts about the other pilgrims, New York City, the flight, and nervous energy all run through me. But now, I think I will try to clear my head and take another nap. 

The views out the train window. 











The announcement board at the Greensboro Amtrak Station



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