I am the Elephant in the Room

10398561_535316030433_8199113_n copy

You don’t know me.
You REALLY don’t know me.
Yes, you know my name,
and my job title,
and my favorite color.
But those things are as
much of who ME is
as an eyelash is the whole Elephant.

There is an Elephant that is ME.
And you have picked up her eyelash, examined it, and exclaimed,
“Oh look, an elephant!”
“Now I know what an elephant is!”
You DON’T know me
And yes, I could tell you all about me
about the wrinkles along the Elephant’s swayback
and about last year when her
herd was attacked by poachers,

but I don’t want to

do I have to

If I don’t want to let you in,
I simply won’t.
I have that prerogative.

Just because you know
my favorite color,
my job title,
and my name
doesn’t mean you know ME.

Don’t make that presumption.

What you know about me
is one sentence of one chapter on one page
of ME.

You don’t know me.


7 thoughts on “I am the Elephant in the Room

  1. Ankit Mishra says:

    I know you..
    I know your favorite color,
    your job title,
    your name..

    I know you’re one of your own kind.
    I know that no one can be like you.

    I know your dreams will come true and I know you”ll have that bright smile.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • listeningforthewhisper says:

      It has taken me a while to reply to this comment because reading it made me angry and I didn’t want to reply in a place of anger.

      Ankit, my dreams may never come true. I may life a life of suffering and die alone. I may never smile again. You have never met me. Maybe my smile is dull not bright.

      Being positive is good. Being honest is better. Being authentic is the best.

      Let me be allowed to be a little unknown, a little sad, and a little hidden. That’s my prerogative and that was the point of this poem.

      • Ankit Mishra says:

        Oops! I never thought my comment will bring anger, but it did, apology for that.

        Veronica, Your smile is definitely not dull..! Yup, we have never met. But you cannot be that certain about your dreams and life. It all goes good the moment you start to eye on better stuffs.

        Being authentic is foremost, but it’s always good to be positive to bring the best out of you.

        Walking alone or being unknown is not difficult but being sad is. Never let that smile fade away.

        Hope it doesn’t make you annoyed again, sorry if it does.


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