Baby joy

I have been meaning for a while to write about the meaning of life. That’s not ambitious at all you say… hah!  I agree; hence why I have not posted about said topic, even though it has been on my mind so much. 

The subject of my thoughts is not so much the meaning of life overall, but more about the meaning of MY life. What do I, Veronica, stand for? What do I think is important? What am I driven to do? What makes me passionate? 

In one word, I would say the meaning of my life is joy.

Give me a whole sentence and I would say, the meaning of my life is to share joy with others, especially kids, and to do so through the mediums of play, beauty, nature, laughter, and music. That’s why I have loved summer camp for so long and why I chose to work there professionally. It is that place, culture, and community in which I have found joy and learned how to share joy with others. (In camp jargon, we would say that camp is a place were a kid can just be a kid. To me, a kid just being a kid is a fancy way of saying joy.) Lately, I have not felt like this mission of my life has been being fulfilled at camp.

It is so hard to share something like joy when you don’t feel like you have it yourself.

I am so enamored with joy, so enamored with bringing joy to others. I wrote a poem recently were I talked about abandonment in the moment. It takes abandonment to truly get lost in joy. And anyone older than 8 as a pretty tough time abandoning self consciousness and worry to a moment of joy. What is great about camp is how much the culture of camp gives kids just a little more time to abandon themselves to joy.

Joy is essentially is all about abandonment; abandonment in a moment of appreciation of something greater than you. Joy is playing a game that is so ridiculous that you can’t breathe for laughing. Joy is screaming out lyrics to a song. Joy is an unexpected view, a cliff, a sunrise, a storm, a beautiful woman. Joy is wonder and awe soaked in a ooey gooey sauce of humility. Joy is abandonment. Joy is Christ. Joy is the resurrection.   

nature joy

So obviously, camp is not the only place to find joy. Joy is so much bigger than summer camp. Realizing that my life is meant for joy gives me comfort when I worry about what my life and career should look like. I know as long as I can share joy with others it doesn’t matter how I do it. God has it covered.

And that epiphany makes it infinitely easier to focus on what counts, namely the source of my joy and all that is good. If I focus on him, I am fueled. If I focus on him, I am FULL TO BURSTING with joy!

And it is so easy to share joy when you couldn’t keep it inside even if you tried.

There simply isn’t enough room.

camp joy

Whats your joy? What brings you meaning?  


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