Do you ever

Do you ever feel so misunderstood
that, to explain
how you are misunderstood
would leave them thinking they gained insight
and you knowing that they understood even less.

Do you ever feel like such an outsider
in a group in which you want and don’t want to feel included.
Staying on the outside is lonely;
hiding who you are to fit in is painful.

Do you ever feel like people are attacking who you are,
what you stand for, what makes your soul smile
and they don’t even know it?
Their lack of comprehension hurts more than
the sentiment of their attacks.

On camp hill


One thought on “Do you ever

  1. purple says:

    Nope, never! Must just be you! 🙂 (teasing btw) This is so well expressed and written, captures the inner turmoil and frustration perfectly I think. I love the clarity of insight into your feelings and how well you express them through this poem. Thanks for sharing this. It is worth several rereads.

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