I’ll build a skyscraper
then I’ll learn how to run it
and paint the art for the walls
and meet a nice man
there and marry him
I’ll have kids with him
and we’ll go skydiving
and I’ll be a paratrooper
and we’ll have a family band
that will go multi platinum
and create a new setting for the Mass
that Cardinal Dolan will acclaim
and I will publish a novel
and a book of poetry and
be so rich and give
it all away to Catholic charities
and I will single handedly
make world peace
The pope will admire me
My husband will praise me
I will stay humble
I will play piano and guitar
and star on broadway
I will found and run a
nationwide network of
Catholic summer camps
I will be famous and beloved and wildly accomplished
I will be perfect
Maybe then…
You will love me

Maybe then…
I will love me.


One thought on “Perfect

  1. purple says:

    I thoughtn this was very good, and the ending is like getting two similar, yet different points, all at once — love isn’t earned by what we accomplish or have, love is love simply because of who we are. Hopefully I am more on track with what I got out of this poem, than the other one. Luckily, my interpretation is entirely subjective and is allowed to be totally not what you intended, but I still feel bad when I miss the poet’s meaning. I guess I forgot the perfection part too … to quote one of my own songs, “you don’t have to be perfect to be loved”.

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