I am open

I am open
I am the cliffs
You are the waves
You are the bedrock
I stand on You
I cling to You
in swirls of tempest
You are my constant

I am open
a colander that collects
Your will
You rush through me
You are a wind
I am a screen door
I am blown away
I am more firm than ever
You are a flame
You char my fears
They crumble like
so many dust motes
They evaporate, like lies
For that is all they are
You are my story
and I am your pen
You write with me
You are written on me
Jesus Jesus Jesus

I am open
I am a tunnel
You are the light
And yes you are at the end
but you are not only my end
You are my beginning
my middle
my now, my tomorrow, my memory
my future
You are the smile from a stranger
The one I was too surprised to return
and the one I started

I am open
to listen for your whisper
to try my best to unplug my ears
when you shout

I am open
a just bought journal
each page aches for your ink

I am open
like it’s my first day at school.
trembling with excitement,
with new pens, notebooks, and nobbly knees
trembling with trepidation
Will they like me? Will He like me?

I am open
my face drinks in your rays
You are the sun.
I am the daughter.

and I am open.


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