whoever said
that being stuck
“Does he like me?”
“I am totally falling for him.”
has forgotten
exactly how it feels
to be here

your mind is racing
like it’s being chased
by mental zombies
won’t get out of your head
asking questions
about interactions
that probably didn’t
mean as much to him
as it did to you
or maybe it did?

zombies with dark eyes
that walk deliberately
towards you
like he does
zombies that keep
you awake at night
planning out
how to “accidentally” run into him
or what you can say
when you do (if you do)
zombies that make no noise
except a groan that sounds
eerily like
“juuuust frieeeends”

zombies that
leave you wondering
if he is wondering
as much as you are wondering
and then wondering, if he
isn’t wondering
would he be happy to know
that you are wondering?

zombies that are sure
that he would be
completely indifferent
and zombies who think
that he would be mildly disturbed
zombies that claw at
your self confidence
and put your nerves on the rack
zombies that don’t let you focus
on anything else
and leave you keyed up
like you are playing in the final four

whoever was okay
with being stuck
was obviously a zombie
ecause I am certain they
have never tried
to not fall
for someone
and tripped
over the zombies


9 thoughts on “Zombies

  1. purple says:

    I thought this was amazing, you captured so much of what goes on in someone’s heart and mind when they are being chased by those zombies!! I did not see a subscribe/follow button anywhere but I have bookmarked your blog and look forward to sneaking back again and reading everything!

      • purple says:

        I am still reading on your blog, I am shocked very few have left any comments on your poetry 😦 Sometimes I strongly dislike the Like button LOL It’s nice that someone Likes something, but …

      • purple says:

        Yes, I did know that isnt what you meant, and hopefully you know I am teasing and using humor, trying to be funny as it were. Gee this is almost like a chat 🙂 So are you saying (trying to say) you are an introvert? Considering your camp experience/position I know better — I worked at summer camps for 7 yrs so I know better!

      • listeningforthewhisper says:

        Yeah, I am kind of introverted about things but I act like an extrovert too, it’s complicated 😉 And I do get your humor. Sorry I ditched our “chat” the other night. Camp job=early hours…

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