If I skrew up

I say it


I don’t care


you hear it

in fact

I hope you do


that’s why

I said it

to own it

to be honest

to say

this is me

I am me

I have good parts

and bad parts


you can

love me

or not


I won’t lie

to change

your opinion

I won’t even hide

behind silence


I make a mistake

I own

my faults

if my honesty

makes you uncomfortable

you are welcome

to leave

I, for one

will be right here



every time

that I misspoke



or misunderstood

and though it hurts

if you think

less of me for

my bluntness

your censure

won’t change my course


2 thoughts on “Honestly

  1. purple says:

    Sorry, another poem I really like and if you can’t tell by now, I am rather direct and honest too. If I think you have written something I connect with, agree with, (wish I had said) then I am apt to leave you a comment and encourage you to keep using your talents and gifts, catharsis, unpublicized or no. Honestly is one of the most direct, well expressed poems I have read lately!

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