Pastry People

A poem I wrote after the music spoke to me. At the bottom, some photos of said music, (yeah yeah, I know, you can’t photograph audio)

sometimes art hurts
beauty leads to truth
and truth leads to recognition
and sometimes you recognize yourself.
and sometimes that reflection is unwelcome
sometimes you recognize a you you wish you weren’t
but you are
the art shows you that.
it pulls apart the crust
and lets the filling pour out
sometimes that much filling on the counter
can make a mess
but sometimes this mess is hidden
under a second layer of crust.
some might call this
internal bleeding
on the inside
your filling is messy
on the outside, your crust is solid
I blame this on the art.
Today, I blame it on music.
You got through to me.
And here I am opened up, feeling a bit messy.
You got to me.
You spoke to me.
You opened me up to something beautiful.
but beauty isn’t neat.
Sometimes it’s messy.

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