A poem I wrote last Easter

If you call me, I will go
where You lead, I will follow
what You will is what I desire to will
show me what You want
show me where I am needed
show me why You made me
the way that I am.
show me how being me can
glorify You
I don’t know and I will never know
unless You show me

You are the creator of all knowledge
the source of all joy.
You are the fabric of the universe.
You are the glue. You are the flame. You are the sun.
lead me and I will follow
show me and I will do.
I strive to love You like
You love me.
I fail daily.
But that doesn’t stop You from
loving me.
So I will always strive to love you too.
I want to pay my life forward
because, I know,
my life has been paid in full.


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