I am constantly surprised by people. And not by anyone who is particularly surprising; more by the people whom you would never expect to be surprising, the people who fade into the background, the people who I start to take for granted. I think that maybe God does this to me on purpose, maybe He designed us this way. He never wants me to cease to appreciate the beauty of humanity that surrounds me daily….so He works through them, my friends, my family. Even people that I don’t particularly like being around. It’s like He’s saying, “Hey look! I made them too! They are pretty awesome and I love them bunches. You should too!” And, just like any other human, sometimes, when I get that message, I sigh and roll my eyes and say, “Ok, God, I got the message.” (He knows that this means that I heard Him, but the message didn’t really sink in). Other times, people surprise me, and I am speechless, or simply sit there smiling like I forgot how to control my face.

That’s when He knows that the lesson took.

Here are some pictures of some surprising people in my life : )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Ps. I don’t know why so many of them look confused. I think it’s because I was shoving a camera in their faces, which has not been a normal everyday occurrence for me lately. However, you would think that, after 6 months, my co-workers would know that I am not normal.) : P


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