Last Words

(This is a poem that I wrote for “The Poetry Challenge” on ClownRhymes’ blog. Unlike my usual poetry style, this poem is not one of self reflection…Mainly because I am not a dude 😉

Last Words
by: Veronica Ripp


You weren’t supposed to sigh.
You were supposed to rail, or cry, or punch the car door.
You could have even laughed
I could have handled a scoff or a derisive chuckle,
but a sigh?

A sigh was worse than butter on a burn
Worse than the sympathy smile
I got from that guy who beat me in auditions
for the lead in West Side Story
Worse than a snakebite
Worse than the antidote.

A sigh was rainstorm in January.
A sigh was a blizzard in July.
It came out of no where.
It caught me with my pants around my ankles.
I was ready for everything but that.
I was ready for anything but that.

I was ready for words.
When I said “It’s over; We’re through.”
You were supposed to say:
“But baaaaaybeeey, remember the good times!?”
You were supposed to beg me to stay.
You were supposed to cry.
Don’t girls usually cry over stuff like this?

You didn’t
You didn’t ask why or beg or pout.
You didn’t say a single word.

You sighed.

A sigh made me stop in my tracks.
A sigh made me wanna come back.


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