Hellooooo! Is there anyone there?

I am sitting on the bus feeling frustrated and impotent, feeling like no one is listening, feeling like no one ever will. I did something powerful today, something empowering, something that I am passionate about.
And apparently no one noticed.
Well actually, a few people did notice. (The supposedly fair and balanced and well…these guys and my old friends)
And that actually makes it worse.
Because they did notice, but they don’t care. They don’t think that what I did is important. They don’t want to celebrate my exercise of my civil liberties. They don’t even want to report the facts. Neither have they lied, but they certainly have manipulated the facts. For example, the Washington Post’s photo spread manipulates the truth, making it look like this was a clash between two sides. In my experience there, I personally saw countless thousands of pro-life people and less than 10 pro-choice people. Additionally, the CNN story doesn’t even report on the major news. It says that there was a march commemorating Roe v Wade on the 22nd with “hundreds” attending. While this may be true, the main march (www.marchforlife.org) always occurs on the Monday closest to the 22nd and not always on the 22nd itself. So the main march was actually today, the 23rd. And there were about 400,000 people there.
400,000 people!
It seems to me like when 400,000 people march on the United States Capital and Supreme Court that counts as news. Right? Isn’t that news?
Why does that not get reported? We have been marching every year since Roe v Wade (that’s 39 years btw). Rain or shine there has been a March for Life for 39 years.
Isn’t that newsworthy?
At this point, I feel like giving up on our news media. Well I guess I have felt that way for a while, But now I am resigned to it. I am past the “acceptance” stage and I have moved on to the “what now” stage. Being newsworthy is not enough to make the news. I am resigned to that. But now I want to know:
What do we have to do to make the news?
My current thoughts are that civil disobedience may be the only way. That’s how the civil rights movement got the nation to wake up and notice them. Heck we had to have a world war to stop the Holocaust.
And what we have here in the US is eerily similar to that atrocity. 1/3 of all African American babies are aborted and 90% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome today in the US. More abortions occur each day in the US than died on 9/11.
One of every four Americans of my generation are not alive because of abortion.
One in four.
I know many people will read what I am saying and think that people like me are blaming women. And I can promise you that that is so far from the truth that it is more like the opposite of the truth. I know it’s hard. I can’t imagine how difficult that choice is. And, please if you have had an abortion and you are reading this, know that pro life people don’t hate women and love babies.
 We love women AND love babies.
And we want to help both of you. And that is not just empty words. We back up are words with actions. Did you know that there are 3 times as many pro-life pregnancy centers as there are abortion clinics?
Anyway, I suppose I am rambling a bit too much. I am just trying to process the beautiful weekend I had and try to figure out how something so surreally awesome can exist in my broken world.
I love life. I love people. I love you! (Seriously, I really do love you. Even if I don’t know you)
All I want to do is stop the genocide. I want to stop the killing of the preborn and the torturing of women.
Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Hellooooo! Is there anyone there?

  1. TMarie says:

    Civil disobedience is not the way to accomplish the intended end. Remember that Judas was frustrated because Jesus didn’t condone or lead civil disobedience against the Roman oppressors. He showed a better way:
    “Some demons can be driven out only by prayer and fasting.”

  2. TMarie says:

    Oh, and
    Life wins.
    Life has won.
    Life conquers death.
    Yes, there are battles yet to fight, but the war is won.

    And ‘they’ do notice. They just don’t want to admit it or let us know.
    ‘They’ want us to get discouraged.

  3. M C says:

    My applause to your commendable efforts! People noticed and people care.

    Fox news and EWTN reported it. As for those “elite” news media, they have been long fallen. Yes, they have sold their souls to Lucifer long time ago. Don’t even expect such pro-life news be reported unless those stations are overtaken by pro-life employees.

    This is a battle between light and darkness. And darkness will always be overcome by light no matter how long the night will be. Keep up your good work! Oh, and definitely God has noticed this all. When God is for us, who can be against us?

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