I find God when I’m walking.
It’s not that I have to chase after Him
or go somewhere to find Him
It’s the breeze
the monotony
It’s the atmosphere; the cacophony and the calm
It’s the flecks of wonder that burst out of ordinary surroundings
It’s the opportunity to observe what no one deems worthy of observation
And, when I soak it all in,
my whole being reels with the glory of His works
It’s too much to keep contained
My body swells with joy
And so I through my head back,
close my eyes, inhale.
and spin.

I took this photo in 2008 at Catholic U. while waiting to see the pope at the Basilica on our campus. I then heavily edited it in PhotoShop to git the focus on the boy’s face. The poem. is probably 2 years old…I think I wrote it while walking home from work one day in Alexandria, VA.  Happy Monday ; )


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