One of those Melancholy Days

I don’t know, but sometimes I swear I have two to twenty times the amount of angst that is normal for a human being. I am always wishing that I had done something different or being jealous that my facebook photos aren’t as cool as that guy that I am fb friends with but haven’t talked to since high school.

I expect my life to be exciting and memorable, all the time, every day. I expect to accomplish every goal I set. In reality, I rarely do. I guess I am not very good at setting goals.

I expect to be loved every day and I try to be loving also, but showing love is scary and being loved is scary too.

Anyway, I guess today is one of those melancholy days, as are many days. I guess this isn’t the most chipper way to start off a blog, but it is definitely honest. If there is one thing that I always want to be, it is honest. And if I can’t be honest here, on a faceless blog, how can I be honest anywhere?

In other random thoughts…here is a pretty picture:

I took this one last week at the Shedd Aquarium Jellies exhibit. Jellyfish have no hearts or brains. I am kind of jealous of them too : )


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